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Greetings, Dear ones,


 Yes, you are so loved. If you once knew how loved you are. With the utmost respect and wonder, we look from this side Home, this side of the veil, to how you play the game on the earth and what have you already achieved a lot of dear light brothers and sisters, yes, because we are one family. That is sometimes difficult for you to be fully aware of that, because in part you are true, still hidden under the veil of the veil, if you could see who you really are, deep inside. That is also part of in the game to re-member who you really are deep inside and that moment comes closer and closer.

It is at this stage that you are beginning to experience ascension that you are now experiencing that the body may give symptoms to some that are not clear, because your DNA is being activated in this way. As a result, your light body will be made faster and soon many souls will suddenly start to awaken from the Light that you are inside, if you look at each other, then you know who the other is and you re-member who you are and where you really come from.

You do not come from the earth, for you are incarnated in a human experience on planet earth. Often you have been lonely, this is because you do not know who you really are and miss "Home", you did not feel complete and different from others.


But you never gave up and played the game, we tell you, you have already won the game. Because you have elevated the vibrational levels of the earth to a higher vibration as a collective, you are now at an alarming rate higher in vibration, because of this the body can sometimes not keep up properly but have confidence, the complaints that you experience as serious complaints will in most cases be temporary in nature.

We are very proud of you and love you very much. You are greatly honored above for what you have accomplished on the earth in the third dimension to the fifth dimension. We tell you the new earth is already and it is now up to you to learn to maintain it consciously with the new vibrations of the new earth that are brought to you and that you grow into daily with.

Expect real miracles because it is a wonderful time for manifestation, on this subject we will speak to you at a different time. A time of joy and wonder is now breaking for you, that is described and so it is and so will it be. The old things do not work anymore, it is therefore important to feel in your heart what works for you, please ask us to support you in this. We the Angels group, are glad to help you, we are here with you tonight to help you re-member, dear light souls. That is why we touch you and you can perceive and feel our energy in your systems. Dear light brothers and sisters of light, it is our honor to be with you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you are open to us. We ask you to respect and love each other. Go in love with yourself and the other, we are all one. From the deepest of our hearts, we greet you in Love


The Angel group 

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